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Our outreach campaign occasionally provides banks, maritime firms, exporters, and compliance professionals with advisories, information on threat actor tactics, and targeted briefings.


We vet all materials before distribution, so please provide your organization's name and business email in the message field to subscribe. We will not respond to personal emails or companies outside the financial, legal services, or maritime industry.

Advisories and Publications

We will provide you with our advisories, typologies, and compliance recommendations in advance of sending it to the wider compliance community. If you are subscribed, we may point out in an email areas of interest that your organization might be able to benefit from.


Confidential Briefings, Notices, and Updates

As part of our outreach effort, we provide confidential briefings on sanctions compliance issues, threat actor tactics, and technological developments to clients and subscribers who have a need-to-know. This information is solely sourced from our research team using open source methods, or information from our partner vendors (e.g., Pole Star, etc.).


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