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Our Services

At Blackstone, we approach compliance issues pragmatically, and with a strong experience of what does and does not work in a sanctions compliance program ("SCP"), and the expertise to enhance every facet of your program from the investigations to the technology that underpins them

Sanctions Program Development

We design, enhance, and implement SCPs, including new policies and procedures, due diligence methods, and implement compliance technology.  


Sanctions Program Assessment

We provide assessments on the current effectiveness of SCPs, and have substantial experience working with global financial institutions to ensure their sanctions policies are adhered to across the globe. 


Regulatory Interactions, Litigation, and Lookbacks

We have represented firms appearing on behalf of the DOJ, OFAC, and federal and state regulators. We have also led the sanctions testing across three major monitorships. We combine our knowledge of sanctions regulations, complex cross-border investigation experience, and technical knowledge to respond to provide invaluable insight and services to you or your legal counsel.


Compliance Technology

We have extensive experience testing and implementing some of the top screening systems, transaction monitoring, and core banking systems in the industry. Our methodology ensures looks to strike a balance between being effective and efficient, and ensures your systems across the entire enterprise. We have detailed insight into some of the most popular compliance systems on the market, including Fircosoft, Actimize, Norkom, Mantas, Safewatch, and Lexis Bridger Insight.


Advanced Monitoring and Analytics

We provide clients with custom solutions to monitor sanctions and AML risks. These include specialized scenarios to monitor for sanctions transactions, custom watchlists, or dashboards to monitor changes in high-risk behavior. We also draw on our experience from past investigations to provide you with realistic typologies, and more importantly, controls to address those threats.


Training and Outreach

We provide tailored training to your institution on sanctions compliance topics. Our training is oriented towards advanced topics, such as creating better alert handling, filter management, or advanced due diligence techniques.


Outreach and Public Service

After the invasion of Ukraine, we began an extensive outreach campaign to get quality information to those who need it most. We encourage you to read our advisories and use our toolkits. We also reach out to our clients, partners, and partner law firms from time to time to provide briefings on compliance trends topics, threat actor tactics, or technology developments.

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