SDN Moves: Snowden leaks, peace talks and not so funny clowns

With OFAC back in action this week, we’ll see how designations pick up in the next couple of weeks. I’m sure OGT is playing catch-up but a designation package isn’t something that’s produced overnight. So in all likelihood everyone is just going to pick up where they left off.

As for the world, it’s been another awfully quiet week. A lot of excitement around Iran negotiations, some very weird pre-peace talks in Syria that are most likely fruitless.



Hassan Ghul, a.k.a. Mustafa Hajji Muhammed Khan, an SDGT was confirmed killed by documents released to the Washington Post in the Snowden leaks. Yeah, this happened.



Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, one of the AFO brothers (but not an SDN…he may have been de-listed but I’m still searching the federal register for historicals) was killed by a sicario in a clown costume. Bonus points for style. The linked article also has a few names of close associates that it would be wise to screen for. Chances are most people at the party have some affiliation with AFO. Now the big question is who ordered the hit?

A senior member of the Sinaloa cartel, Jose Fidel Nunez Meza, was arrested. He is not designated and neither are his brothers, also listed in the article. Nonetheless, they are probably good names to add to the filter.



With Iran talks up, there is a lot of questions about acceptable outcomes of the negotiations. Some want Iran to completely dismantle their nuclear program, which I don’t think is an acceptable outcome for Tehran. Ostensibly, U.S. priorities are to ensure that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons capability, so a good negotiating strategy would look to have Iran give up the requisite amount of tech to ensure they can’t have nukes while still being able to retain a peaceful energy capability. In probably the most interesting article I read last week, it seems that the strategy that gives the most marginal utility is to focus on them relinquishing their medical isotope projects. It’s a somewhat statistics heavy article but it reads well and gives a lot of perspective to what the talks will look like.

Does anyone know what is up with these proposed peace talks in Syria? I have no clue how that would even work. The FSA, rebellion in general, the government of Syria and all of the members of the Arab League would have to get together to pow-wow, all while being baby-sat by a stability wanting mother (the U.S.) and the worlds equivalent of a drunk and deceiving father (Russia). Count me out.