SDN Moves: Profile of the IRGC head, SDN Successors, Designation-less Week

I’m sorry everyone, but this week’s SDN moves is kind of boring. A big reason is because just in case you’ve been under a rock, OFAC is on the Congressional Incompetence plan and nobody is lighting the fires of Gondor in the annex. Or designating anyone. But a silver lining is that I’m sure a lot of you have gotten to go home on time and not work after hours updating and testing the filter.



Mullah Sangeen Zadran, who was expertly droned several weeks back has been succeeded by Bilal Zadran. Bilal is Sangeen’s nephew, continuing on the trend of familial leadership in the Haqqani network.



A very quiet week on the Narco front. To my knowledge, no SDNs were killed, captured or embarrassed themselves too much.

Not necessarily SDN related, but certainly post-worthy is the closure of the Silk Road. It looks like Bitcoin Bro wasn’t the smartest kid on the block, despite making $80 million in commissions.  However there are other illicit markets out there using cryptocurrencies. Albeit certainly humorous at times (” Do you sell organs/ No just regular pianos/ what are you looking for?”), this AMA of the leader of another illicit online trading forum provides some very interesting insight into the concerns of these businesses, how they operate and the motivations of starting them up. Nonetheless, I hope this is the last time I ever post a link to reddit.


Country Programs

Trucking right along, it looks like a lot of the fervor of talks between Rouhani and Obama is starting to settle down to the normal pessimistic crawl. However the New Yorker did an exceptional expose on Qassem Sulameini, the head of the IRGC and an SDN. If there is one article I would suggest you read this week, this would be it.

Also, hot off the presses from a friend. Reuters has a report on the Myanma jade industry. Remember, while most trade has been GL’d out, trade in goods under the JADE ACT (jadeite, etc.) are still prohibited as well as dealing with any SDNs. I haven’t read the report (as I said, I literally got it right before I hit the publish button) but I trust my friend’s (another OFAC alum) judgement.

So, that about wraps it up. Have a great weekend!