SDN Moves: OFAC strikes back, Trouble in the Congo, More Kony Womp Womp

A nice turn of pace for SDN activities. Sorry for the delay again.


Counter Narcotics

Today OFAC designated a money-laundering cell operating between Peru and Spain (see, it was on purpose I delayed posting until today!…right). Of course, no designation can go without an Analyst Notebook chart for your viewing pleasure. Press release details are moderate, but given the SDNT context it is clear it is for transmission of proceeds from Colombia to Spain. Given the designated’s client list, he appears to be closely associated with the FARC and this goes straight to the point of FARC penetration of Europe via West Africa. I did a study a few years back on this and it seems to be the onward trend. That’s mainly notable because during my briefing I made someone cry…

Manuel Aguirre Galindo, an SDN under the SDNTK program and a senior leader for the faltering AFO cartel was confirmed arrested Saturday. Good ole Manny was a senior level AFO member who allegedly oversaw a large financial aspect of their operations. Thus his arrest is a good notch on the belt for any OFAC and AML program. And is it just me, or has AFO been taking the biggest beating lately of all the cartels?

Alternately, Stratfor tackles the question of whether the Zetas are really on their way out. They seems to think the Zetas will be around a little longer. I’m not going to object in the short term, but I don’t believe the Zetas will see long term existence. I did an article on why I think this earlier this year.



This week seems to be a trade off between narco and terror. When one heats up, the other pipes down. However we did drone two senior members of al-Shabaab (not designated). ‘Murrica.

The UN designated Muhammed Jamal al-Kashef, but he had previously been designated under OFAC and thus should already be in the filter.


Country Programs

War crimes poster-boy and Facebook one-hit wonder Joseph Kony watch out, some 18 Bravos have bullets with your name on it. Kony is designated under SDGT.

For those interested, State released a Q&A background on the P5+1 negotiations for Iran. I personally haven’t read it and probably won’t for a few days…or ever. But feel free to comment and pique my interest.

DRC designated group M23 is starting more trouble in the Congo. Negotiations broke down and now they are getting smacked around by the military of the DRC. Reports are positive but I’m sure the group, or another equally bad one, will retreat into Rwanda and find itself fighting again a year from now. It’s unfortunate as that the talks broke down due to disagreements on amnesty. For these conflicts, Disarmament, Demobilization and Repatriation (DDR) ops are some of the most difficult issues. Having the rebels voluntarily disarm is the best way to guarantee future stability, yet the more brutal a group is the harder it is to forgive. Separating the bad apples from those that can be successfully repatriated is difficult, but when the bad apples are doing the talking its almost impossible to both seek peace and justice simultaneously.