Policies and Procedures


Service Overview

The cornerstone of any compliance program is its policies and procedures. They signal the institution’s view on and commitment to compliance, serve as the instructions to a company’s employees, and are always the first items examined by a regulator or enforcement agency. Blackstone’s experience in both the regulatory and private sectors puts us in a unique position to provide a thorough assessment of how well your program holds up to regulatory expectations, but also how effectively your compliance resources are focused. We’ll review your institution’s existing policies and procedures for resolving sanctions, AML, and KYC issues, and help you identify both strengths and areas for improvement. A Blackstone review also includes top-to-bottom testing to assess your program’s implementation for complete 360 degree program assurance.

In addition to policy review and assurance services, Blackstone can help companies that are penetrating the global market to create policies and procedures for a new compliance program from the ground up.  We know that every company is unique, and we’ll work with your institution to tailor compliance to your specific needs.  Whether it’s navigating local laws or constraints, mitigating client risks, preserving strained resources, or just incorporating your company’s culture, you can rely on Blackstone to produce policies and procedures and implement a specialized program that works for you.


Key Features:

23 by 18 checkmark Insight from regulatory and private sector experience

23 by 18 checkmark Review of Sanctions, AML, and KYC policies, procedures, and implementation

23 by 18 checkmark Draft new or supplementary policies/procedures

23 by 18 checkmark Tailored policy and procedures to your specific needs