Service Overview

Regulators generally require institutions to establish a corporate compliance monitor as a stipulation of civil penalty settlements and deferred prosecution agreements. The independent monitor is an essential function to ensure that a company improves its compliance program and instills adequate training and ethics among employees. As part of this function, monitors engage independent consultants with specific expertise relating to sanctions and AML to ensure compliance improvements in various areas of operations at the company.  At the same time, the institution benefits from having expert consultants to not only guide remediation tactics, but also show their monitor (and the regulator by extension) that they are making sufficient progress.

Blackstone has unique expertise in managing regulatory scrutiny because our consultants have worked in both the private sector and key government agencies within the industry. Blackstone has led the sanctions testing on multiple high profile global monitorships, including top ten financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. With over a decade of experience working with regulators from every major department, including OFAC, New York DFS, and the DOJ, Blackstone understands what regulators expect and can help to serve either the monitor or the monitored with our expertise.


Key Features:

23 by 18 checkmarkExperience on regulatory side as well as private sector

23 by 18 checkmarkInvolved in monitorships of financial institutions as well as non-bank entities

23 by 18 checkmarkPrevious work with regulators from OFAC, NYDFS, DOJ

23 by 18 checkmarkAdvising from OFAC alumni and seasoned industry professionals