Sanctions Risk Assessments



Service Overview

General AML practices suggest that your compliance program should be developed in respect to the risk of each product and line of business. Unfortunately, OFAC standards do not afford banks the same luxury. Economic sanctions hold a policy of strict liability, and any violation can be penalized regardless of your AML risk assessments.

At Blackstone, we realize that resources are limited and can provide¬†your financial institution with a comprehensive risk assessment detailing its overall sanctions exposure. But our gap analysis doesn’t end there. We will also propose areas that can be shored up without further taxing your resources, securing your most vulnerable points. At Blackstone we take a holistic view of your products, lines of business, internal controls, geographic dispositions, correspondent accounts and everything else. In the end, you come out with not only an enhanced knowledge of the risks your institution faces, but also a targeted view of where and, most importantly, how to focus your efforts.


Key Features:

23 by 18 checkmarkFull 360 degree assessment 23 by 18 checkmarkProtects your institution from new threats
23 by 18 checkmarkMulti-functional 23 by 18 checkmark Consultant will be an OFAC alumni