List Management and Custom Watch-Lists



Service Overview

The proliferation of different sanctions regimes across the globe means institutions must acknowledge and apply a variety of regulatory lists to their payment and customer screening processes, many of which may differ depending on location and jurisdiction. The intricacies of this regulatory juggling act require international institutions to implement strong group-level policies and systematic IT and procedural controls to ensure strict compliance in every jurisdiction. In addition to applying a variety of regulatory watch-lists, institutions that implement sanctions compliance programs are responsible for detecting “Shadow SDNs,” or entities owned by watch-listed parties that might not appear on the published lists, while also ensuring that these “gray” or “private” list additions do not become a burden themselves.

Blackstone has experience in selecting proper required regulatory lists, designing controls around their implementation and maintenance, and selecting a format to keep the lists up-to-date, either directly from the agency or through a watch-list provider. Likewise, Blackstone can assist in providing expertise to ensure lists are de-duplicated and formatted to the same standard, and use local regulatory guidance to increase the efficiency of your screening process. Blackstone can also work with your institution to develop methodology to determine the best way to administer “gray” lists to detect Shadow SDNs.

Blackstone can also simplify your list management problems by creating customized watch-lists that address your institution’s risks specifically. We will conduct a full risk assessment of your institution’s business environment to identify your biggest compliance threats for sanctions, AML, and political risks, as well as exposure to high risk industries, regions, and politically exposed persons or entities for each business line. We’ll develop a customized private watch list for your institution to help you effectively manage those risks and stay ahead of regulatory issues that could arise from them. Whether you’re a small bank or private company with limited resources for compliance, or a global institution with business lines and branches all over the world, Blackstone has the resources and expertise to help you identify and control your exposure to sanctions threats and risky business.


Key Features:

23 by 18 checkmarkSelection and implementation of required regulatory lists

23 by 18 checkmarkWatch-list maintenance to reduce false positives

23 by 18 checkmarkSystems integration, including selection of watch-list providers and upload process

23 by 18 checkmarkCustomized watch-lists tailored for your institution’s risk

23 by 18 checkmarkAddition of cities, towns, regions and ports of comprehensively sanctioned countries
(Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and the Crimean region)