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While all compliance regulations have similar end goals, sanctions operate differently from AML regulations in that it requires prohibited transactions to be identified before they are processed. With increasing amounts of penalties ranging into the billions of dollars and increasing expectations from enforcement agencies and regulators,  it is more important than ever before that businesses stay abreast of sanctions developments and maintain the most up-to-date and efficient OFAC compliance program possible. This means your institution’s compliance infrastructure, include your filtering and systems architecture must be consistently updated and verified for optimal efficiency because even one small violation could begin to spiral into a larger penalty.

At the same time the additions of names into watch-lists, increased complexity of sanctions and overall trend towards global expansion, means that companies must cope with increased false positives, data quality issues and broad systems architecture and testing concerns.

Blackstone bridges the gap between the legal side of compliance enforcement and the technical aspects of operating a compliance program. We know the laws and regulations you need to follow, but we’re also familiar with the systems required to maintain an effective compliance program and have experience with most widely-used operational systems for sanctions screening. Blackstone is your go-to resource for configuring your technical systems to your compliance needs.


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Payment Screening

Customer Screening

List Management and Custom Watch-Lists

Data Quality and KYC

Filter Tuning

Sanctions Research Services