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As sanctions take on an increasingly prominent role in U.S. foreign policy, individual institutions big and small have become the front-lines to keeping our financial system secure. Blackstone believes that the key to keeping your business from becoming a casualty to increasingly strict regulations and exorbitant monetary penalties is to investigate, isolate, and improve your compliance weaknesses before they become compliance failures. In order to safeguard your institution from the threats of an increasingly complex and opaque global financial system, Blackstone offers a variety of services and tools to help bolster or build your sanctions compliance program to regulatory standards without straining your company’s resources. Blackstone wants to empower you with the ability to:

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats
  • Bring OFAC compliance to vulnerable parts of the financial system
  • Enhance national security
  • Avoid reputational and monetary losses associated with compliance issues

At Blackstone we are committed to working with you to maximize your compliance security without maxing out your resources.

Blackstone offers the unique insight and expertise of OFAC alumni and private sector consultants to help you stay up-to-date with the latest in industry standards and regulatory trends. We work across all lines of international business to ensure that any operation with a sanctions nexus, whether it’s a financial institution,  a high-risk importer/export, or a small enterprise entering a new market, has access to the resources and advising necessary to protect its customers, business, and assets from sanctions threats and regulatory scrutiny. Past and current Blackstone projects have included work with three of the top ten global financial institutions, a top oil field service provider, monitorships with the Department of Justice, New York Department of Financial Services, and the Federal Reserve Board, helping a small medical services firm penetrate the global market, and premier financial institutions in high-risk jurisdictions. With such a diverse array of sanctions experience and client projects under our belt, you can be sure that your institution will receive the most comprehensive sanctions protection and advising the industry has to offer with Blackstone Compliance Services.